Jennifer Started Salon 129 to help others enhance their natural beauty. 

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"Being a hairstyles is a beautiful, Creative & vulnerable profession that Im proud of "


  Jennifer Krawiec is a Holistic hair Artist, energy light worker based in Sherrill, New York.  

 I have over 19 years experience in the industry and proudly serve the CNY region and beyond.

Jennifer includes crystal combing, biodynamic scalp treatments and energy work sessions for her clients. this is so she can help her clients foster their INNER BEAUTY by holding space for emotional wellness and intuitive energy work. 

since founding Salon129 in 2004, she had a specific vision of creating a low toxin, inclusive space with Luxe VIBES.

specializes are healthy low -maintenance hair, Balayage, Foilayage and corrective color, certified Redken 

 By constantly Investing in my education, tools and products I'm here to offer you the absolute best and most up to date trends and techniques. 

   Jennifer Includes essential oils, Crystal, combing scalp treatments and intuitive energy work 

offers a excellent experience in my Private renovated studio in Sherrill. 

 When I'm not in the Salon I'm in my Art Studio painting or traveling to the Adirondacks. 

  I love the outdoors, kayaking, hiking and swimming. Some of my favorite things are a good book, Kettle-bell HIT workouts, Ice cream and The X-FILES. 

  The Art of Hair !


      Jen, ox